Stages of Works

Stages of Works

With experience, we have developed the most efficient and streamlined design process to execute your orders. You can have a remarkable customised logo for your business within less than a week. Our process works because with experience we have eliminated all the flaws and have made the process absolutely perfect.

Submit Web Design Questionnair

By filling in the questionnaire, we mean that you will have to give details about your business and its philosophy; plans in order to personalize the web design and portray your company's strategies. This will help us in understanding your requirements in a much better way. Each field should be filled in carefully; this information comes in handy while churning out web design concept for you. We at Infinity Web Concept are committed to protecting your privacy and we will guard information that you will provide us in the brief.

Receive Free Web Concept

Your brief has been sent to the designing department. It will be analyzed and brainstormed by the team of designers who are working on your job with in 3 days. On the basis of the given brief, they will create design options for you. Our design team will further work on the design to make necessary adjustments as per your instructions. You can choose your design from these concepts, or request revisions.

Send Your Feedback

Involve yourself in the design process by sending your feedback about the design concepts. You can select a design from initial concepts or request modifications in previous concepts, or request for completely new design concepts – unlimited times – until you are satisfied.

Receive Revised Web Concept

Once you choose an initial web concept, we'll ask you to complete a revision brief to instruct our designers what changes you want to make to your web concept. Your revision brief helps our designers apply their expertise to your vision. Be sure to be specific on your comments to help our designers best enhance and portray your vision for your website.
You'll see revisions of the logo you selected 2 business days after you complete the revision brief. If you have any problem in communicating your web concept preferences, you can also give us a call at our number and tell us about your preferences verbally. There are many revision rounds depending upon the package that you choose.

Confirm Final Web Concept

Before sending you the final version, we will send you the website design for one final review. If you are satisfied with the design, all you have to do is to send us your approval.

Order Conformation Payment

When you are satisfied with the final web concept, A 50% deposit is required before design approved of the project. You make a secure online payment through PixelWorks Web Design. You can use any of the available payment methods to make the payment.

Start Web Development

The developmental stage is the point where the web site itself is created. At this time, your web designer will take all of the individual graphic elements from the prototype and use them to create the actual, functional site.
This is typically done by first developing the home page, followed by a “shell” for the interior pages. The shell serves as a template for the content pages of your site, as it contains the main navigational structure for the web site. Once the shell has been created, our designer will take your content and distribute it throughout the site, in the appropriate areas.
Elements such as interactive contact forms, flash animations or ecommerce shopping carts are implemented and made functional during this phase, as well.

Send Your Feedback

This entire time, ordesigner should continue to make your in-progress web site available to you for viewing, so that you can suggest any additional changes or corrections you would like to have done – unlimited times – until you are satisfied.

Website Testing

At this point, our web designer will attend to the final details and test your web site. They will test things such as the complete functionality of forms or other scripts, as well last testing for last minute compatibility issues (viewing differences between different web browsers), ensuring that your web site is optimized to be viewed properly in the most recent browser versions.
A our web designer is one who is well versed in current standards for web site design and development. The basic technologies currently used are XHTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). As part of testing, our designer should check to be sure that all of the code written for your web site validates. Valid code means that your site meets the current web development standards – this is helpful when checking for issues such as cross-browser compatibility as mentioned above.

Confirm Web Development

Before sending you the final version, we will send you the website design for one final review. If you are satisfied with the design, all you have to do is to send us your approval.

Make Rest of Payment

When you are satisfied with the final development, you make a secure online payment through PixelWorks website. You can use any of the available payment methods to make the payment.

Host Website on Server

Once you give our web designer final approval, it is time to deliver the site. An FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program is used to upload the web site files to your server. We are offer domain name registration and web hosting services as well. Once these accounts have been setup, and your web site uploaded to the server, the site should be put through one last run-through. This is just precautionary, to confirm that all files have been uploaded correctly, and that the site continues to be fully functional. This marks the official launch of your site, as it is now viewable to the public.

Why choose us?

  • Successfully designed 50+ websites
  • Web 2.0 based
  • Fast loading websites
  • All websites W3C Validated.
  • All websites browser compatible.
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