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A short time ago I posted an introduction article about HTML5 and I promised you a CSS3 introduction and what new things it brings to the industry, although it’s been some time since it was officially released. If you didn’t read the article on HTML5 yet, I strongly advise you do so, as CSS3 works better with the latest markup language from the World Wide Web Consortium.

CSS2 appeared back in 1998 and since then a lot has happened on the internet. Its only revision was made in 2011, CSS2.1, but experts in the industry say it was only a matter of time until CSS3 should have been released, as the features it comes with are entirely necessary and were missed during the past years. What many people didn’t know about CSS3 was that its development started only one year after the submission of its previous version. So the W3C has been working on this improved version since 1999, for more than 12 years until the first CSS3 stable version was released.

Although it sounds like there is a big difference between CSS2 and CSS3 (which is quite true), all modern browsers were quite quick to adopt the new addition to the W3C family. All major browsers support most CSS3 features that are currently available. As with HTML5, the Consortium still considers CSS3 to be under continuous development and it is very unlikely for it to get a final version, for the same reasons HTML5 will probably not. With the web requirements, and the industry in general, changing so fast, coding needs to move forward at the same pace.

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