CSS 3 - New pseudo-classes


The arrival of CSS3 brings us a bunch of new pseudo-classes, including structural ones, that target elements based on their position in the document and relation to different other elements.

:only-child – in case you have an element in the document tree that is the only child of its parent, it can be targeted by this pseudo-class.

:empty – targets elements that don’t have any children or any text, for example an empty element such as <p></p>.

:nth-child(n) – it takes advantage of numeric (n) values and targets child elements in relation to their position within the parent. To give you a precise example, a list of blog comments would probably look more appealing with alternating background colors – this can be done using this pseudo-class.

:first-of-type – this targets the first of a specific type of element within a parent, and is the opposite of :last-of-type.

:first-child – targets the first child element in a parent, regardless of its type. It is the opposite of :last-child.

:not(s) – this one targets elements that are not matched by the specified selector (s).

:root – this one targets the root element of a document.

There are more pseudo-classes added to the new CSS3, but as this is basically an article for beginners, it is not really worth mentioning them.


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